Montgomery Education Foundation (MEF) was founded in 2000 as a program of the Central Alabama Community Foundation and the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100. Community leaders recognized the importance of supporting the public school system as an investment in our children, our community and our future. Since its founding, the foundation has focused its efforts on supporting the Alabama Reading Initiative, providing professional development for school administration and staff, the promotion of student achievement, the encouragement of public engagement, and the development of school readiness (Pre-K programs).


MEF is #ROWReady and So Are The Children of Montgomery

This summer the Brain Forest Reading Wheels program is in full swing all over the county as we reach over 1,000 students in our mobile library! In addition to checking out books, our kids are knocking it out of the park with hands on project-based STEM activities. Check out our latest blog post to hear from Community Programs Director, Dillon Nettles to learn more.


The five week, full day Brain Forest Summer Academy tackles the challenge of summer learning loss in innovative ways in order to improve student learning and teacher instruction. For the past three summers, students in the program have experienced zero percentage loss and on average have experienced 2-3 month gains in reading and math. In addition, teachers have access to high quality professional development during the program.

Summer Reading List

Anna Parini

Anna Parini

NY TIMES- The Families That Can’t Afford Summer

"In summer, the lack of affordable child care and the achievement gap collide for lower income families. Most kids lose math skills over the summer, but low income children also lose, on average, more than two months of reading skills — and they don’t gain them back. That puts them nearly three years behind higher income peers by the end of fifth grade, and the gap just keeps getting wider. Researchers credit the summer slide for about half of the overall difference in academic achievement between lower and higher income students."



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